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Process regularly accepts unsolicited pitches for blog posts. We accept posts from anyone actively engaged in the study of U.S. history—including public and digital history professionals, graduate students, faculty, independent scholars, and others. Potential topics might include (be are not limited to) the following:

  • Historically-informed commentary on recent events
  • News and information relevant to the historical profession, including new digital and public history projects
  • Reflections and suggestions on teaching, writing, or otherwise doing American history
  • Reviews of (new and old) historically-oriented movies, TV shows, and books

At this time, we do not encourage authors to submit requests for interviews about their own publications such as books or dissertations. We also do not accept sponsored posts.

To contribute, please contact us at blog@oah.org with a short pitch explaining your idea. From there, we will determine whether the proposed topic is a good fit for Process as well as the length and deadline for the piece. All contributions will be proofread and edited by blog editors and staff, and authors may be asked for revisions. Process reserves the right not to publish submissions if they do not meet our editorial standards.


Process allows other blogs to repost its content, with the permission of both the author and of the blog’s editors. If you are interested in reposting a piece that first appeared on Process, please send us an email at blog@oah.org.


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The Organization of American Historians (OAH) is not responsible for statements, whether of fact or of opinion, made by any contributors.

For any other queries, please contact us at blog@oah.org.